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Knowing or liking someone on staff

Posted on: January 28, 2010

I received a newsletter this morning from Mortuary Management (yes, another trade mag) and upon review learned that the Funeral Service Foundation is conducting a study about funeral service staffing and retention.  In promoting their study, and encouraging participation in the study from funeral home owners and staff, they make this very astute observation:

Most funeral homes are pretty much the same from the consumers’ perspective — they offer burial, cremation and pre-planning services; carry an inventory of caskets, vaults and urns; and other similar forms of personalization. Even facilities within a community tend to be similar. So at the most fundamental level, the greatest difference between funeral homes is its employees. What then, is the second-most-often volunteered reason consumers prefer a funeral home according to market research? Knowing or liking someone on the staff.

It is my experience that families want a sense of comfort and assurance when they are dealing with a funeral home.  Further, clients deal with funeral homes once in a decade, at most, and want a trusted friend to help them navigate through the unfamiliar waters… understandable, when they are entrusting their deceased family member into another’s care.  So here’s where I come in.  My blog is going to focus on giving you the inside scoop on funeral service, funeral homes and funeral directors.  I think I’m a pretty typical funeral director.  I think I’m a pretty typical woman, wife and mother.  I think that I am a reliable, solid citizen.  I hope that by getting better acquainted with you, that you will get better acquainted with the funeral industry and will feel a little less anxious when you are faced with a death.


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