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Why People Like Funeral Directors 2

Posted on: February 1, 2010

In my first blog entry, I posted an excerpt from Todd Van Beck’s article “Why People Like Funeral Directors“.  Here is the second of his three reasons for funeral director likeability:


The result of the funeral director’s work is verifiable, measurable and accurate.  With careful communication, mistakes rarely occur in the funeral profession.  Funeral directors inform clients with explicit words like “the service will be at…,”  “We will be right there,” “Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it,” and “the car will pick you up at…” not through deceptive, vague messages.  If a funeral director tells someone that this procedure is a good idea it usually is, and when a funeral director tells someone to be careful and cautious of a bad idea, they are usually right.  The words that flow over the desk at the funeral home are truthful, and people have found that they can count on them. 

I cannot agree more with Todd on this issue.  Funeral directors are the real deal.  Never forget that their whole business rests on their reputation in the community.  After all, for the vast majority of funeral homes the name of the owner hangs over the front door of the establishment.  Pretty tough to walk into a Lion’s Club meeting or church picnic if you are dealing bad advice or high pressure sales pitches.  Yes, funeral homes are a business — but unlike most other enterprises, a funeral home is more accountable to the expectations of their community than the bottom line.


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