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Coffins, caskets, containers … oh my!

Posted on: February 4, 2010

One of the things that drives me nuts is watching the CNN pundits (yes you, Larry King) providing commentary on a high profile funeral and using the wrong language.  So, as a point of order, here is the difference between a coffin, casket and container.

1. This is a coffin.  It has 6 sides.  Coffins are more common in Europe than North America.  Princess Diana was buried in a coffin.


2. This is a casket.  It has 4 sides.  Notice that the lid is divided in 2, such that it can be opened in order to view the deceased from the torso up.  Michael Jackson and Elvis were buried in caskets.



3. This is a container.  A container has no lining or ornamentation.  Containers are often made of unfinished wood or cardboard. 



5 Responses to "Coffins, caskets, containers … oh my!"

hey there i have just added you to my blog roll i like the blog its fun.
any way you can find me over at :

Thanks for visiting! I will definitely drop by your site to learn some great new things!

Wow, a hockey mom who runs a funeral home, cool!

After talking with some of our new Maltese friends, we understand that there is a growing Maltese population in Canada! The climates are so different, so we found this info very interesting.

If you ever return to Malta, please look us up!


I think the casket looks the best…

Thanks for visiting. In regard to casket vs coffin vs container, I think the casket wins hands down for style and luxury (sounds like a car!) Hope you will come visit again. Best, Kate

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