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Comfort Chili

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Well, it’s snowing here in Toronto and today seems like a good day to make some chili.  This is an easy recipe for a week night dinner but would also be a great dish to bring to someone who is bereaved.  I am also sending a shout out to those who have been recently widowed … make up a pot of this chili,  freeze it, then zap it in the microwave when you just don’t feel up to making dinner.  To really lift your spirits … while preparing, put the Gypsy King’s “Volare” on the stereo (do we still play music on a stereo????).   Here’s the link to watch on you tube

Comfort Chili Recipe


1 lb of ground beef (my Mom calls it Round Steak Minced … go figure?)

1 28 0z can (796ml) of diced tomatoes

2 10 oz cans (284ml) of mushrooms (stems and pieces)

1 can (not sure the size, bigger than the mushrooms, but smaller than the tomatoes) red kidney beans

1 envelope of  Taco seasoning mix (I like Old El Paso right now because they are giving away Air Miles)

If you like onions, chop some up and throw them in there too!


1. In a big pot brown the ground beef.  If you are using onions, throw them in and brown with the beef.

2. Drain the fat from the beef, then throw in the tomatoes and kidney beans.

3. Drain the water from the mushrooms and add them into the pot.

4. Add the envelope of taco mix.

5. Turn up the heat to medium and let the chili simmer on the stove for 10 minutes or so.

6.  Enjoy with some great crusty bread!

* Another idea … serve chili on top of rice*


2 Responses to "Comfort Chili"

Chili’s good on a snow day, too, isn’t it? If you have the biscuits with the chili, let me know how you like them, OK? Thanks for stopping by.

This chili sounds incredible – I can taste it right now. Keep up the terrific writing – it gives us all a lift!!!

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