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Glad you’re still with us, Gordo!

Posted on: February 19, 2010

               Gordon Lightfoot, alive and well, performing in Barrie, Ont. in 2005.

The Canadian media widely reported that iconic singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot died yesterday.  Lightfoot learned of his demise while listening to the radio during his drive home from the dentist.  He quickly called media outlets to report that he was alive and well, setting the record straight.  Far be it from me to criticize the Fourth Estate, but what ever happened to the common practice of thoroughly checking your sources before releasing news reports?  Us Funeral Directors (here in Ontario) would’ve been hauled up by our mourning suits to face misconduct charges before our regulator for such an egregious error!  

In celebration of Gordon’s undeath, I am pleased to offer you a glimpse of a younger Lightfoot (who is 70 something now), below.  He will be touring this spring.  For concert dates and venues, visit his website

Hope you enjoy the song ….


4 Responses to "Glad you’re still with us, Gordo!"

Wow! What a goof-up that was!! It’s nice that GL took it so well!

hehehe… that is another way to get media attention (not saying HE did that… but it is tactic used by a few in the past)

He is a Canadian icon… that’s for sure!

Are you ready for some good ol’ fashion Canada vs. US hockey rivalry???

Should be a great game today — but my money’s on Marty Brodeur to “stone ’em”! As for Gordo, maybe this was a publicity stunt … hate to think that, though.

Will the American hockey team be wearing Ralph Lauren, like the rest of the Olympians???? If so, us Canucks wearing HBC and chanelling the voyageur vibe will definitely have the upper hand!!!!!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

We haven’t been watching the Olympics this year. Mom has lost interest in it (as in so many other things she used to do) and I try to have it on but as soon as I turn to my computer or get up to go to the bathroom, she turns it over–Ack! I give up. 🙂

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