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Madame Brodeur, my heart aches for you

Posted on: February 22, 2010

I’m taking off my funeral hat and putting on my touque …

As mother of not one but 2 goalies, I am in mourning for Martin Brodeur’s mom today.  Team Canada had a tough loss to Team USA last night, losing 5-3 in Olympic hockey.  Sadly, credit for the loss has been laid at the feet of goaltender Martin Brodeur. 

Driving home from my eldest son’s 7am practice this morning, I had the “pleasure” of listening to the Toronto hockey pundits remarking on the “overly aggressive” and “careless” play of Brodeur.  Funny, these were the same guys who were calling for his canonization when he shut down the Swiss sharpshooters to lead Canada to a win Thursday night.  How fickle is fan. 

Goalies have a tough row to hoe.  At the end of the game, you are either the saviour or the goat … when you make a mistake a horn blares, a red light flashes and 20,000 people stand up and start cheering … and your Mom, her heart breaks for you.  Yes, it’s the nature of the beast and yes, you knew when you strapped on the pads that this was what you were in for … but it is never easy.

For what it’s worth, I love the way Brodeur plays.  I like the fact that he is aggressive and takes chances.  I like the fact that he commits.  I like his courage and tenacity (which is more than I can say about Chris Pronger … don’t go there!)  So my hat goes off to Madame Brodeur … I suspect that she will hear all about her son’s failings everywhere she goes today.  I also suspect that she will be on the phone to her son telling him what we all tell our goalie sons … “watch your angles”, “be patient”, “don’t guess”, “keep your glove up” and “I am proud of you and will always love you no matter what”.

PS — Marty, that was a heck of double you hit last night!


3 Responses to "Madame Brodeur, my heart aches for you"

Amen. I feel sorry for Brodeur. The greatest goal tender of his generation, and maybe the best ever. And now he’s being made the scape goat.

I hadn’t considered the parenting angle, but now that you point it out, this is exactly why I have not been encouraging my shy 9 year old son to play goalie. I don’t think either of us have the nerves for it.

Good luck trying to discourage a child who has goaltending in their soul!!!

Tonight will be another “heart stopper” for any hockey Mom or Dad of a goalie, as Bobby Lou (AKA Roberto Luongo) will either be the star or the goat.
Goalie’s parents need to be seen and not heard – coming from one who needs to practice what he preaches!!
Children who choose to put themselves out for praise and ridicule should and must be always loved by those who should love them without any boundaries.
Hug and kiss those children they are truly “Special” and with two goalies in our family – I know how “Special” they truly are!!!!
Go Canada Go!!!!

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