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Funky Funeral Term: Stipend

Posted on: March 3, 2010

A stipend (pronounced STEYE-PEND) is a fancy word for the fee paid to a member of the clergy for conducting a funeral service.

Stipends are generally “set” by the clergy themselves, but as a general guide, here are some typical numbers for funerals here in Toronto:

Funerals conducted in a funeral home chapel: $250.00 -$350.00

Funerals conducted in a church*: $300.00 – $1000.00

*I know that this is a  huge range.  Stipends will often be set based on whether the deceased and/or family are members of the church in which the funeral is conducted.

Your funeral director will have a list of the stipends for the clergy and churches, of various denominations, for their local community.  They will be able to arrange for the services of a clergyperson and/or church on your behalf and will most often look after paying the stipend on the day of the funeral.   The stipend will be added to your funeral account such that you are not having to worry about having cheques on hand on service day. 

Hope this information is helpful?


2 Responses to "Funky Funeral Term: Stipend"

I respect the path you choose to blog on and for this reason, I am pleased to share this award I recieved with you. Please check it out on my blog.

It is interesting and disturbing. Funeral are such a racket. I am amazed that someone would pay $1000 to a church for the privilege of having a funeral.

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