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Today seems like the perfect day to talk about Green Funerals

Posted on: March 17, 2010

I think there is still much confusion in the marketplace generally about green products and services.  In fact, it seems that consumers themselves can be segmented into different “shades of green” when making buying decisions.   With that said, I’ll give you a touch of green information as it pertains to funerals so you can see what’s available.


Biodegradable caskets are now widely available for purchase.  These caskets do not contain metal or varnishes that would pose a hazard to the environment.  Here is a link for more information:

Preparation of the Deceased

The first thing to know is that embalming is not a requirement.  The deceased may be placed in a casket or container without any formal preparations.  Should the family wish to have the embalming procedure performed, there are various preservative products available to suit the shade of green acceptable to the family and the condition of the remains.


There are natural burial grounds being established all over the world.  Natural burial grounds do not allow monuments or markers to be placed to mark the grave.  Often, they look like open fields, as grounds keeping is not consistent with the green philosophy.  Graves are dug by hand.  Families are given GPS coordinates to locate the grave.  Here is a link for more information:


Traditional cremation by fire is not in keeping with the green philosophy.  A new technology, Resomation, is a form of biocremation that is environmentally friendly.  This process uses a water based solution, rather than fire, to reduce the body to ash.  Here is a link for more information:

As a final thought …

“May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you’re dead”

(nobody says it like the Irish!)


3 Responses to "Today seems like the perfect day to talk about Green Funerals"

I love to see posts like this come through on my news alert! Great post, great blog…and, nice to see you are in Toronto too! Just 2 weeks ago I posted a document for download about Green Funerals on our website as I found it nearly impossible to find this kind of information on the web and with so many families looking to make eco-conscious choices relating to funeral arrangements, well, I felt it was about time!

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