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Posted on: January 25, 2011

I picked up this article courtesy of the Coach Broker News out of the United Kingdom.  The idea of a funeral bus is not new.  In fact, they have been used in large metropolitan centres, like New York City,  for a number of years.  Unfortunately, they have not really captured the interest of most funeral homes and their client families.  I live not far from a little village that is popular for weddings.  On Saturdays, this hamlet is bursting with wedding buses.   With traffic becoming ever more challenging I think the time might be right to follow the lead of the wedding industry and bring back the funeral bus. 

Here are some advantages: 

  • environmentally friendly, as fewer vehicles travel in procession to the cemetery or crematorium
  • allows a large number of family and friends to travel together (people will not get lost or fall behind)
  • it might present a good opportunity for a tribute video or eulogy to be played/given while on board
  • refreshments could be made available

I’m not sure about a red double-decker … maybe something a little more subtle like a charcoal grey coach bus would be in order? 

Here’s the article:

Nottingham Undertakers offer double-decker bus for funeral hire

25/01/2011 By Tracy Wilcox

A funeral directors company based in Nottingham has launched an alternative mode of transport to the traditional hearse which is proving extremely popular.

The funeral firm have purchased a red double-decker bus which is available to hire for those who would like an alternative vehicle to the usual hearse.

One of the main advantages of the double-decker bus funeral vehicle is that the family can travel onboard the vehicle along with the coffin, which is a great comfort for some people.

Lymn Undertakers in Nottingham say their quirky funeral vehicle is proving extremely popular with clients in the area with the firm providing the double-decker bus for between 2-3 funerals a week.

The undertakers say they like to offer their clients the freedom to choose a funeral that suits their personal wishes, and which at the same time, preserves the memory of their loved one. Mr Lymn Rose from the funeral directors says his company always attempts to deliver a final send off which is tailored to their client’s wishes.

Last year we reported on the story of a 45-year-old woman from Sutton Coldfield who instructed her family to arrange a red London bus to transport her to her funeral before she sadly passed away. One of her main reasons for wanting a bus for her final journey was so she could travel with her loved ones.

If the demand for funeral buses continues, we could see more double-decker funeral vehicles on UK roads in the future.

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1 Response to "Funeral Bus"

Hi There… I like your article… We are a transportation company in Santa Barbara with 5 repurposed black school buses,

I’ve been thinking about adding funeral transportation services to our list of services and your post just lit my fire…

The unique selling point for our buses is that we put up white magnetic letters on the side of the bus to spell anything out. We did our first celebration of life tour for a family a couple months ago and they spelled on the side of the bus “The Michelle Tour” in which they visited all of her favorite places in Santa Barbara (leaving ashes behind at every place.)

Also, I rented a party bus for my fathers burial at Arlington Cemetery last Aril and it was Awesome because we blasted his favorite music on the way and had a great time just the way he would have liked it.


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