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Kate McMaster is a middle-aged wife, mom and funeral director in Toronto, Ontario.  Career wise, she has practiced in three  Toronto funeral homes, she has taught funeral service education at Humber College and currently oversees the day-to-day business dealings of an alliance of  independent Toronto funeral homes.  Kate believes that funerals, funeral directors and funeral homes get a bad rap because of the “ick” factor many people associate with the profession.  She hopes to give you a more positive and familiar perspective on what others refer to as the “dismal trade” along with some practical tips and a few laughs.


12 Responses to "About Me"

Thanks for leaving your comment and link on my site.
Yours is not the sort of trade one really wants to think much about…
But this is an amazing site! Quite unique, I’m sure.
God bless you. Jonie

Hi Kate,

thanks for reading my blog and commenting! You’ve definitely got a very different blog going on, but it’s really interesting, thanks for leaving me the link.

thanks again for the interest and hope you visit my site again soon!


You have a very unique perspective on life as a funeral director which makes me smile! I will be back, most certainly!

Thanks for visiting KC — our house has been glued to the TV since the games began and are very proud of our athletes and the host communities that have welcomed the world so graciously. Keep the faith, kid!

Hi Kate.
Really interesting and unusual look at a profession I have never really thought about! Thanks for commenting on my blog, would love to see your mourning brooch, I have a new found passion for everything Victorian! I also find it fascinating comparing similar time periods of different countries; I have always wondered whether they had similar Victorian style customs as the UK or whether these were uniquely British customs? Glad the Olympics are going well for you guys I have enjoyed watching the bits I could stay up for, hopefully this time tomorrow The UK will have its first medal! Keep up the good work. Emily

Thank you for your comment. I am glad to have found SUCH an unusual site. I’ve added you to my rss.

Thanks for reading and adding me to your rss, Misha!

Wow. This is a very interesting blog. Just by your description, I am already entranced and not in a morbid way or something like that, but because I loved how you said you wanted to change people’s perspective about you and your colleagues. 🙂

Hi, thanks for your comment! Very interesting blog.. I’m just starting and unsure of where or what it will become, but excited. Thanks again for the input!


Very nice. I get it. The death culture. I grew up on that. My Father was a Rabbi. He would get very excited when someone died. It was his job. He knew he could help.

HOw is your blog going?
take care, Avrum (

Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! I’m glad you found something in our shared experience – death is an event that although remains largely unexpected, touches everyone individually at some point in their lives. I’m very touched to see your efforts in removing the taboo and misunderstanding of workers in your profession. Your calling is truly a blessing for those in need of support during such a hard time. This is a great source of inspiration for writing and I encourage you to continue shedding light on this period in everyone’s lives. Good luck and I hope to hear from you again! the Mrs.

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